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WHAT'S NEW: What I believe in, the Apostle's creed and a church's search committee report of a new pastor. this would be funny if it were not so close to the truth...

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PHOTO 2 PAGE: A MUST SEE! What does the Bible and Hitler and Gun control have in common...?

PHOTO 3 PAGE: ANOTHER MUST SEE! What does the NIV Bible and Hitler have in common...? you may be very suprised...

PHOTO 4 PAGE: SCOFIELD reference Bible notes and dispensational theology and the pre tribulational rapture...Scofield corrects the errors in the KJV Bible...WHAT DID YOU SAY...?

CUSTOM 2 SITE: How to raise a nation of pagans...
so far it is working out quite well.


By the way, I contacted the Dr. James White Bible web site and asked about this NIV material and this does not seem to bother them in the least.

Dr. James White wholeheartedly endorses this NIV Bible.
I have email to prove this...

Chaplain Robert (Bob) Walker Th.B.

Bob Graduated with his Bachelor's degree
in Theology with a perfect 4.0 GPA
with the highest honors available.
He is currently working on his Masters
degree in Theology.

Bob also has 2 years of secular college.

Bob is currently looking for a pastorate
in a church or a position in a Christian
School to assist others to grow in knowledge
of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bob lives in West Palm Beach, Florida and
has an internet ministry to the youth.

Chaplain Bob is adding a biography page in
the custom page section for those who wish
to ask him about accepting a position for
a church or school.

This site built and maintained by Bob

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